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Going for a mower?  Our robots go so much further.

Imagine you are looking at your lawn. Imagine if the grass is always looking good. Imagine the grass is always at the length you want. There are never any clippings to be seen, either on the lawn or in a pile somewhere, rotting away.  Imagine you never have to be concerned about getting fuel for the mower. It is never on your mind that cutting the grass is another job that needs doing. Imagine it's not even a concern how long the grass will be when you come home from holiday.   Read on.....

The technology behind autonomous machinery being used in everyday life has now progressed to a point where robotic mowing should be seriously considered as the best solution for tending open spaces… The possibility of using a robot to mow the grass for you is now a reality.  No longer is this the domain purely of the tech-savvy geek, wishing to push forward the boundaries of science fiction. 

The reality is this. There are now almost no grassed areas such as lawn or groomed parkland that cannot be cut throughout the season, solely by a robotic mower.

From a small lawn of only a few dozen square meters, to a lawn of many acres, all can be maintained by just one robot mower.  That’s right, one.  If it’s a bigger area then we can configure multiple robots to work together intelligently, so really the limit is.... well it’s enormous.

Just like conventional machinery there can be limitations, but as always if you've been sold the right equipment, the issues you can encounter such as area coverage, obstacles, slopes, security and so on, are easily overcome. It’s all about talking to the right people.  Talk to us in Powercut.

Robotic & Automated Lawnmowers from Powercut

In line with other garden machinery dealers, we sell robotic mowers. Only we have done it differently. This is not an add-on for us. This is a whole new direction. We do not just promote what we are offered from our existing suppliers.  Robotics is a highly specialised field and customers need the right assistance to choose a robot that will suit their needs.

Our goal was to become the go-to dealer who can demonstrate in working conditions the very best in quality and capability from the smallest robot for little lawns, to the very largest for parks, sports fields and golf courses.

So, nearly 10 years ago we started the ball rolling, and since then we have brought together an astonishing range from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Manufacturers who are not just mower makers trying to get a robot to work, but true robotics companies who are using their knowledge to make you a mower.  There's a big difference.

We can match your needs to a robot that will work for you, not just one that “might do”. Even if you are concerned about setting up a robot on your lawn, don't be. We can do that for you, because all our experience can be available to you.

Here at our base near Carmarthen, we have an exceptional range of robotic mowers permanently out working, cutting areas within grounds of around 15 acres. From the smallest to the largest, we've got them out there, cutting our grass. It's an amazing sight. You won't find anything like it, anywhere else.  Get to see what they can really do, in real life conditions. So come and talk to people who can answer your questions... and point out a few you hadn't thought of.        Only at Powercut.    01267 235625

The Ambrogio robotic lawnmower, developed by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, represents a blend of Italian innovation, efficiency, and design in lawn care technology. Here's an expanded summary of the key features and benefits as presented on their website:

Versatile Lawn Management: Ambrogio robotic mowers are designed to handle a wide range of lawn types and sizes. Whether it's a small private garden or a large public space, these mowers adapt to various environments. They are particularly adept at navigating complex terrains, including steep slopes and uneven grounds, ensuring thorough and consistent lawn care across all areas.

Advanced Technological Features: The mowers are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries, ensuring extended operation times and reliability. The combination of high-quality materials in their construction contributes to their durability and efficiency. Designed with quiet operation in mind, these mowers are not only efficient but also unobtrusive. The Italian aesthetic design adds an element of style, making them visually appealing as well as functional.

Eco-Friendly Mulching System: The mulching system in these mowers cuts grass clippings into fine pieces and spreads them over the lawn. This acts as a natural fertilizer, enriching the soil and promoting healthier grass growth. It also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, making it an eco-friendly option.

Remote Control and Compatibility with Voice Assistants: The Ambrogio robotic mower can be controlled remotely via a dedicated mobile app, allowing users to manage their lawn care from anywhere. It also integrates with popular voice assistants such as Siri, Google Home, and Alexa, offering a convenient and modern way to interact with the mower.

Diverse Model Range: Ambrogio offers around 20 different models, each tailored to specific lawn sizes and requirements. This wide range ensures that there is a suitable model for every type of garden or lawn.

Italian Craftsmanship: With over 20 years in the industry, Ambrogio Robot exemplifies Italian craftsmanship in garden care technology. It stands out for its commitment to sustainability, safety, and design, reflecting the high standards expected from Italian manufacturing.

Belrobotics, at the forefront of robotic lawn care innovation, offers state-of-the-art solutions for a range of lawn maintenance needs. Their robotic mowers are designed for both private and commercial landscapes, combining cutting-edge technology with practical efficiency. Here's a detailed overview of their offerings:

Varied Product Range: Belrobotics introduces two primary lines of robotic mowers: the “Connected line” and the “GPS RTK.” The “Connected line” range is robust and user-friendly, ensuring a consistently even cut. Conversely, the “GPS RTK” range utilises advanced GPS RTK technology to deliver precision mowing, creating aesthetically pleasing, methodical strip patterns.

Large Area Capability: These robotic mowers are adept at managing large areas, capable of covering spaces as vast as multiple football pitches. However, they remain highly efficient in smaller domestic gardens, making them suitable for a variety of environments, from private lawns to expansive sports fields and golf courses.

Golf Course Specific Features: Tailoring their technology for golf courses, Belrobotics equips their mowers with specialised cutting heads. This innovative design prevents damage to golf balls, thus preserving the integrity of the course and allowing for the reuse of the balls.

Optimised Mulching System: The mowers feature stainless-steel blades that provide an effective mulching system. This system finely chops the grass, which then decomposes naturally on the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser and eliminating the need for waste collection. This approach is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Eco-Friendly and Economical: By reducing the requirement for chemical treatments and large-scale waste disposal, Belrobotics' robotic mowers present an eco-friendly solution to lawn care. Their efficiency in fuel usage and time management also renders them a cost-effective choice for maintaining green spaces.

Belrobotics' dedication to innovation, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency establishes them as a leader in the robotic lawn care market, meeting the contemporary demands for efficient and sustainable landscape maintenance.

The new Kress RTKn robot mowers extend unmanned mowing to larger areas. They efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from an area to another, as if they were driven by humans. No need for boundary wires, nor on-site antennas.

In the past, robot mowers required laying a powered wire along the perimeter of the working area. Mowers used to follow a random pattern, so they could only deal with relatively small lawns. Larger areas still had to be maintained by man-operated lawn tractors or zero turn.

Who will benefit from Kress RTKn
Large properties. Facilities. Sports fields. Golf courses. Public parks. You count them. Unmanned mowing is the ideal solution for countless applications, providing quiet, emissions-free turf management, with an operating cost that is a fraction of manned mowing.

Robotic mowers that make use of RTK require the installation of at least one station antenna for each lawn, which must be powered and placed in open sky. Kress RTKn delivers centimetre accuracy with no station antenna on site.

No extra cost for the station antenna and its installation

No need to bring electricity in the lawn or over the roof for powering the station antenna

Quick and simple
Once the mapping is done, the mower is ready to go

Kress RTKn technology uses the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to get autonomous geo-spatial positioning with 2 to 5 metres accuracy, then applies real-time kinematic (RTK) correction data to achieve centimetre-level accuracy.
No ugly antennas in the middle of the lawn or on the roof of the house

Nothing can get damaged or stop operation due to electricity blackout

You are in control… you can interact with it, or ignore it. Your choice.  Nearly all our robots give you the ability to check where it is, find out what it's doing and even send it commands, all from your phone. But you don't have to!

The power to do the job. The precision to give you a fabulous looking lawn. That's it. That's all that really matters.... because robots are different.


The robot will start up by itself, mow by itself, park up by itself and then fill up with fuel... all by itself.  You can go and have tea. Or perhaps do that thing you've never had time to do.

Reviews & Comparison Videos

It's always good to do your research when it comes to a new investment, whether you have a small garden or look after a large estate.
The technology involved in Robotic Mowing & Lawncare can be a little daunting if you're unfamiliar, so with this is mind we want to showcase some unique insights and perspectives from professionals in their field (excuse the pun).

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Nowhere else can you see robotic mowing in action to this degree. We can show you how they perform and discuss what they can do for you. The key to getting robotic mowing to work is in the setup. We do this for you. As always, sophisticated machinery brings superb results, but its implementation must be right, and that needs specialist skill.

Benefits of shopping with Powercut

Powercut has a long history of supplying quality ground care products to Local Authorities, Caravan Parks, and large companies. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of quality, robust equipment that our commercial customers can rely on.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the sale. With a sophisticated servicing workshop, highly trained technicians, and a full parts and spares service, you can be sure that your machines will be cared for and in good working order for years to come.

Local Business

You can be assured of true expertise in our field with personal and friendly service throughout. Whatever your project requirements are.
We're on hand to help you through the entire process from installation to servicing.

Years of Experience

Deal with experts passionate about Garden Machinery. Great advice, service, and aftersales care from a team who really understand ground care.


Powercut invests over 100 man-days every year in training, to keep our staff up to speed. We can give customers certified installation training upon delivery of equipment.

The Team

Our staff also use our equipment day in day out. So they understand how they really work, and what machines suit jobs and budget.

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