Robotic & Automated Lawnmowers

Going for a mower?  Our robots go so much further.

Imagine you are looking at your lawn. Imagine if the grass is always looking good. Imagine the grass is always at the length you want. There are never any clippings to be seen, either on the lawn or in a pile somewhere, rotting away.  Imagine you never have to be concerned about getting fuel for the mower. It is never on your mind that cutting the grass is another job that needs doing. Imagine it's not even a concern how long the grass will be when you come home from holiday.   Read on.....

The technology behind autonomous machinery being used in everyday life has now progressed to a point where robotic mowing should be seriously considered as the best solution for tending open spaces… The possibility of using a robot to mow the grass for you is now a reality.  No longer is this the domain purely of the tech-savvy geek, wishing to push forward the boundaries of science fiction. 

The reality is this. There are now almost no grassed areas such as lawn or groomed parkland that cannot be cut throughout the season, solely by a robotic mower.

From a small lawn of only a few dozen square meters, to a lawn of many acres, all can be maintained by just one robot mower.  That’s right, one.  If it’s a bigger area then we can configure multiple robots to work together intelligently, so really the limit is.... well it’s enormous.

Just like conventional machinery there can be limitations, but as always if you've been sold the right equipment, the issues you can encounter such as area coverage, obstacles, slopes, security and so on, are easily overcome. It’s all about talking to the right people.  Talk to us in Powercut.

Robotic & Automated Lawnmowers from Powercut

In line with other garden machinery dealers, we sell robotic mowers. Only we have done it differently. This is not an add-on for us. This is a whole new direction. We do not just promote what we are offered from our existing suppliers.  Robotics is a highly specialised field and customers need the right assistance to choose a robot that will suit their needs.

Our goal was to become the go-to dealer who can demonstrate in working conditions the very best in quality and capability from the smallest robot for little lawns, to the very largest for parks, sports fields and golf courses.

So, nearly 10 years ago we started the ball rolling, and since then we have brought together an astonishing range from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Manufacturers who are not just mower makers trying to get a robot to work, but true robotics companies who are using their knowledge to make you a mower.  There's a big difference.

We can match your needs to a robot that will work for you, not just one that “might do”. Even if you are concerned about setting up a robot on your lawn, don't be. We can do that for you, because all our experience can be available to you.

Here at our base near Carmarthen, we have an exceptional range of robotic mowers permanently out working, cutting areas within grounds of around 15 acres. From the smallest to the largest, we've got them out there, cutting our grass. It's an amazing sight. You won't find anything like it, anywhere else.  Get to see what they can really do, in real life conditions. So come and talk to people who can answer your questions... and point out a few you hadn't thought of.        Only at Powercut.    01267 235625


You are in control… you can interact with it, or ignore it. Your choice.  Nearly all our robots give you the ability to check where it is, find out what it's doing and even send it commands, all from your phone. But you don't have to!

The power to do the job. The precision to give you a fabulous looking lawn. That's it. That's all that really matters.... because robots are different.


The robot will start up by itself, mow by itself, park up by itself and then fill up with fuel... all by itself.  You can go and have tea. Or perhaps do that thing you've never had time to do.

For over 20 years, Italian robotics company Zucchetti has been producing robotic mowers under the name Ambrogio. Now, with around a dozen different models, their range comprehensively covers the needs of small lawns through to large gardens and estates. Complicated areas, steep slopes, flower beds, trees, paths, trampolines, and even pets can all be managed by these ultra-clever robot mowers.  In our opinion, their build quality is also just miles better than so many others. Take a look at this interesting video that compares the build of Ambrogio with another very well-known make - HERE

Ambrogio robots are quite capable of working by themselves, with no intervention from you.  However, if you like your technology, you are going to love these….

  • Communicate and control the robot from an app on your phone using Bluetooth when you are close, or GSM (mobile phone signal) when you are away. You can even give it direct verbal commands, or just ask what it’s doing using Alexa, Siri or Google Home.
  • Worried about your pets? With the addition of an optional “Amico” device, the robot will automatically stop when your pet gets too close and start up again when its safe.
  • Unlike other makes, these robots actively use GPS satellite navigation data, not to just tell you where they have been, but to use that information to work out where on your lawn they need to focus their efforts. They map your lawn to create a virtual grid system, and use a unique spiral cutting method to concentrate in areas that need more attention. This translates into getting the job done much quicker. Seriously clever stuff.
  • Using the latest generation processors and “future proof” motherboards, your robot can automatically receive upgrades and enhancements as they become available…. completely free.
  • See where the robot is directly on the map. Send it a command such as “go home” or even create a temporary “no-go area” on your lawn. For security, the robot has a “Geofence” alarm system, to send you an alert message if it ever goes outside its defined area.

Belrobotics make some of the most impressive commercial-grade robot mowers you will ever see. Well designed, robust, built for the job. And the job is to cut lots of grass, quickly.  Proven success on sports pitches, golf driving ranges, public spaces, and large estates all over the world. Anywhere really that has acres of lawn to maintain. You want to have pristine grassed areas that consistently look stunning, but if you are a business, the numbers must add up. With a Belrobotics mower, those numbers are impressive….

  • Up to 24,000 sq.m. (nearly 6 acres) maintained to a superb finish by just one robot.
  • The total area can be mown 3, 4, or even 5 times per week to get that super finish.
  • As much as 8 times lower energy costs than a diesel ride-on, using on average only 830kWH/year.
  • Approx. 90% reduction in resulting CO2 emissions.
  • Virtually silent mowing at only 52dBA.
  • Can manage slopes up to 45%.
  • £0 spent on clippings disposal.
  • 100% natural fertilisation, with clippings invisibly recycled as mulch.
  • At least 200 man-hours of labour time per year saved.
  • Add as many robots as you like to create an easily managed, connected fleet, covering a huge area.

Just as impressive as the numbers are the machines themselves. The first time you see one in the flesh, you’re likely to think “Wow, that might work…”.  Get in touch with us to see one cutting grass. Then you’ll know.

Also by Belrobotics is their amazing Ballpicker robot for automated golf ball collection on golf driving ranges. For a total solution, add in the full automation system which will transport, clean, store, and dispense balls on demand to your players.

Reviews & Comparison Videos

It's always good to do your research when it comes to a new investment, whether you have a small garden or look after a large estate.
The technology involved in Robotic Mowing & Lawncare can be a little daunting if you're unfamiliar, so with this is mind we want to showcase some unique insights and perspectives from professionals in their field (excuse the pun).

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Nowhere else can you see robotic mowing in action to this degree. We can show you how they perform and discuss what they can do for you. The key to getting robotic mowing to work is in the setup. We do this for you. As always, sophisticated machinery brings superb results, but its implementation must be right, and that needs specialist skill.

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Powercut has a long history of supplying quality ground care products to Local Authorities, Caravan Parks, and large companies. With over 30 years of experience, we understand the importance of quality, robust equipment that our commercial customers can rely on.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the sale. With a sophisticated servicing workshop, highly trained technicians, and a full parts and spares service, you can be sure that your machines will be cared for and in good working order for years to come.

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Powercut invests over 100 man-days every year in training, to keep our staff up to speed. We can give customers certified installation training upon delivery of equipment.

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Our staff also use our equipment day in day out. So they understand how they really work, and what machines suit jobs and budget.

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