Pellenc Chainsaw Pruner Selion C21

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Lightweight and powerful chainsaw pruner for intensive use




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Lightweight and powerful chainsaw pruner for intensive use

Thanks to the long battery life of the SELION C21 HD pruner, you get the benefit of its great power throughout your working day. Equipped with cutting software that prevents the motor from jamming, it allows you to dose your effort perfectly. Reduces strain on the user: it weighs just 2.55 kg, making it highly manoeuvrable. All the more so thanks to its perfectly ergonomic design. Practical, with its folding wrench for adjusting the chain tension, the SELION C21 HD electric chainsaw pruner also has numerous safety innovations, in particular to reduce kickback.


  • The power of the 2000 W (equivalent to a 45cc petrol motor) PELLENC brushless motor increases the torque delivered.
  • Battery life up to a day and a half of work
  • Guide and automatic lateral chain tensioning for optimised use
  • Simplified maintenance and 30% reduction in chain oil consumption
  • Easier chip evacuation thanks to a magnesium cover to prevent blockages.


  • Soft Touch ergonomic handle for greater comfort
  • Quiet operation, facilitating extended working sessions
  • Built-in cutting software slows down the chain in the wood to better control the force applied by the user and prevent the motor from jamming.


  • 2.55 kg, extremely manoeuvrable and ideal for working at height


  • Quick connection/release system for connecting the tool to the battery and disconnecting it while in the tree after preparing the ropes.
  • Claw for a firmer grip on branches and the trunk
  • Reinforced front hand guard
  • Automatic electric chain brake in case of fall or kickback
  • Less risk of kickback compared to a conventional chainsaw

Four innovations for greater safety

  1. In the event of a fall or kickback, the electronically triggered sensor instantly engages the electric chain brake, eight times faster than on a petrol chainsaw.
  2. With the OREGON chain, the kickback effect, if it occurs, will be much less abrupt than on a conventional chainsaw.
  3. On first use, the self-diagnostic system checks that the electronic kickback sensor is working. If not, the chainsaw will not start.
  4. The double-press start-up trigger prevents accidental start-up of the chainsaw.

Tightening wrench

The folding wrench, which folds back in simply by pressing on it, lets the user tighten the chain and provides quick access to the sprocket and chain. PELLENC patent.

The oil flow is managed electronically

The system adjusts the greasing of the chain according to the required cutting strength. PELLENC patent

Automatic chain tensioning

The chain guide is mounted on a mechanism that tightens the chain automatically. PELLENC patent

Quick connector system

The battery’s quick connection/release system lets you bring up the pruner once you are in position in the tree.


Lets you get a firmer and safer grip on branches and trunks.

Backpack batteries

We recommend three models:

  • The ULiB 750: ultra-slim, weighs 4.5 kg, has a special pruning harness and up to 1.5 days of battery life.
  • ALPHA 520: 3.6 kg and up to 4 to 5 hours of battery life
  • The ULiB 250: very compact and weighs just 1.68 kg with a battery life of 40 min. to 2 h.
Max. power – W 2000
Combustion engine equivalence – cc 45
Weight – kg 2.55
Motor speed – rpm 6200
Chain speed – m/s 14.5
Guide length– cm/inches 28 / 11’’
OREGON chain – Pitch ¼ ’’
Oregon chain– Type / Gauge / Number of links 25AP / 1.3 mm / 70E
Sprocket 11 x ¼’’ teeth
Tank capacity – cl 25
Sound pressure level (LPA)* – dB(A) 85
Guaranteed sound power level (LWA)* – dB(A) 100
Front handle vibration level (ah)** – m/s² 2.54
Battery life with the Alpha 520 battery*** Up to 4-5 h
Peristaltic pump
Automatic chain tensioner
Integrated folding wrench
Electronic chain brake
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